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happy employee accepting plaque awards

6 Psychological Impact of Receiving Plaque Awards

Positive psychological effects are often observed when employees are appreciated and rewarded, especially in the workplace. Research shows that 85% of U.S. workers like to have their efforts recognized, and 78% of employees find recognition motivating. The benefits of receiving an award are not often considered. Still, there are many reasons why you may want to consider giving out trophies or plaque awards to your employees and even as gifts to customers and vendors. Awards have significant psychological impacts that benefit both the giver and the recipient. Read on to learn about the benefits of receiving awards.

What Happens to Brain When You are Recognized with Plaque Awards

The human brain craves recognition. Recognition affects the hypothalamus and dopamine receptors in the brain. The hypothalamus controls essential bodily functions like eating and sleeping, while the dopamine receptors are responsible for releasing dopamine, the chemical that causes happiness and relieves depression. By affecting these parts of the brain, recognition enhances the plasticity of the brain, thus improving both qualities of work and productivity.

  1. Gives a Sense of Gratification and Belonging

We all enjoy being praised for our efforts and hardships. The feeling of gratification we get here motivates us to work harder. It also gives a sense of belonging in the company, which is essential in building an effective workforce. As a result, employees are motivated to do their job better, delivering the best service to the respective company.

  1. Increase Productivity and Engagement levels

Awards can lead to higher engagement levels and greater productivity for your employees. You should opt for plaque awards rather than cash rewards when rewarding your employees to boost productivity. When a non-cash reward is used, it may prompt a memory of how and why the employee earned it. Non-cash prizes are more memorable than cash. Receiving something tangible and personal will make the individual feel appreciated and motivated.

  1. Increase Happiness

Awards bring happiness and appreciation to recipients. Employees will feel happy when their boss appreciates their hard work. It is in a happy workplace that magic happens. Acknowledging the employee’s hard work and appreciating not just the tiny things but the big things to make them happy. Giving employees a memorable reward, not just for themselves but also for working for that company, gives them a sense of pride.

  1. Boost Employee Satisfaction

Rewarding employees with plaque awards is one way to boost employee satisfaction. Those honored with a plaque award will experience a powerful sense of accomplishment, leading to higher productivity and better overall job performance. Your company may also receive more out-of-the-box ideas from your staff members who feel appreciated and respected. A well-made plaque award can last for many years and will never go unnoticed when displayed in an employee’s office or home.

  1. Encourage Greater Emotional Wellbeing

Getting recognition for hard work from your boss, peers, or even customers can lead to a greater sense of emotional well-being. It translates to higher self-esteem and confidence in yourself. You are motivated to continue doing the great work because you see yourself as deserving it, and you feel like you deserve the praise that comes with it.

  1. Enable Recognition of Personal Professional Growth

Plaque awards enable employees to recognize their professional growth and achievement. With a plaque, you can personalize it for the individual employee, which makes it more meaningful to them. Some people receiving a plaque might signify that they have finally made it or have achieved something significant in their career. This could make them feel prideful or accomplished about themselves.

Recognition, when well-executed, will meet the basic psychological needs of the organization’s staff. Effective recognition also cultivates an organizational culture of praise. Employees are more likely to recognize those around them when they are fulfilled. Essentially, your most productive employees turn into your best spokespeople, and it’s difficult to find anything better than that.

In conclusion, plaque awards are a great way to motivate employees and reward customer loyalty. They have a significant psychological impact on the recipient. So you should consider giving them out to your employees and customers to show appreciation. Call or request more information from Martin Awards today if you want an experienced award manufacturer with many years of experience producing high-quality plaque awards.


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