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plaque awards for employee recognition

How Effective Are Plaque Awards

Plaque awards are an effective way to reward employees, clients, and business partners. They can be used for any type of recognition or award, from employee excellence to customer service. Martin Awards makes it easy to order the perfect plaque for your needs with an online order form that lets you choose from various materials and designs. Whether you want a simple wooden plaque or something more elaborate like glass, crystal, or acrylic awards, we’ve got what you need!

Show your employees that you value their work and achievements

Custom plaque awards can show your employees that you value their work and achievements.

  • A specific achievement. If one of your workers has reached a milestone, consider giving them an award to commemorate the occasion. This way, everyone will know about it, and they’ll be able to see how well their co-worker did in reaching the goal.
  • A specific person or group who went above and beyond what was expected of them in performing some task or other can be recognized with a plaque award. This helps those remembered feel appreciated by management while also letting other employees know what’s expected from them when they go above and beyond their regular duties.
  • Plaque awards can also be used as gifts for birthdays or anniversaries! If someone important in your firm has had a rough year but still deserves recognition for something extraordinary they did over time, consider getting them one of these nifty items so that all eyes across their workplace will see how much you appreciate them!

Recognize a client or business partner with a plaque

Plaques are a great way to thank clients or business partners for their business. They can be customized to fit the occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or even commemorating their first order. If you want to recognize someone’s milestone in your company and show how much they mean to it, then plaques are perfect! Plaques can also be used as gifts instead of flowers or chocolates (which tend not to last). Plaques allow people who receive them to keep them on display at home so that everyone sees how much they mean something special.

Don’t feel limited to traditional wooden plaques

Plaques are available in many materials, including wood, glass, and acrylic crystal. They can also be made in various shapes, colors, and sizes to fit any space or decor.

Plaques can recognize a specific achievement or event, such as an employee anniversary, customer milestones, or outstanding performance from an entire team!

Make a big impression with custom glass plaques

When it comes to showing appreciation, a glass plaque is a perfect gift. Glass plaques are durable enough for frequent use and can be used for years to come. With engraved or etched logos, these awards will make a big impression on anyone who receives them. Glass plaques are perfect for any occasion and industry!

Light up the room with acrylic and crystal awards

Acrylic and crystal awards are a great choice when you want to show your clients and employees that their hard work is appreciated. These awards come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and you can personalize them with a message or logo of your choosing.

Reward someone for making an impact on the company

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, there’s no doubt that your success is due to the hard work and dedication of your employees. But sometimes, it’s easy to forget all that goes into making your business successful. By rewarding someone for their contributions, you can show appreciation for all their hard work and set an example for others on how to give back to the team.

Martin Awards offers a variety of plaque awards for any occasion or use

We have an impressive collection of plaque award products that can be personalized with your logo or message! Whether you need to honor an accomplishment at work or recognize someone special in your life, our line of stunning plaque awards will help you do it better than ever before.

Contact us

Martin Awards has a wide variety of plaques that you can use to recognize employees, clients, and business partners. We also have glass, acrylic, and crystal awards that are perfect for any occasion or occasion use. Contact us today to place your custom order or speak to one of our award specialists.

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