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Employee Recognition

18 Inspiring Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Statistics show that 80% of companies have award programs in place for their employees. The research shows that this can be very beneficial for any company.

Employee recognition can be very important in the workplace for many reasons. Employee awards are a great motivator and keep the space feeling positive and encouraging.

These kinds of awards encourage employees to do their best. It also helps to boost morale and show employees that the company sees their efforts.

Keep reading to find all kinds of employee recognition award ideas for your company.

1. Employee of the Month

Many companies have an employee of the month award that they give out. This is a very standard type of award that encourages employees to do their best throughout the month.

Many times this includes an award ceremony with certain benefits. They may receive a cup trophy or a plaque along with thier photo and some kind of employee bonus.

What qualifies an employee for this award depends on your company. It may be based on performance or dependability or for those who really stand out in their work.

2. Employee of the Year

Another common employee award is an employee of the year. This is a more long-term award that only the best of the best will be able to achieve.

This is a big reward for your most outstanding employee, so it will often mean more. Because of this, many companies will reward that employee with trophies, metals, or crystal awards.

3. Work Anniversary Award

Another idea for employee recognition is work anniversary awards. This helps employees to be rewarded for the milestones that they have completed in their careers.

Oftentimes, a work anniversary reward will be for their five, 10, or 20-year work anniversary. These are big milestones, and they are definitely worth celebrating with your employees.

This type of award ceremony helps to encourage employees and celebrate them. It is a great way to boost morale and help employees to feel that they are valued.

4. Above and Beyond Award

One of the many corporate awards is an above-and-beyond award. These kinds of awards are a great way to celebrate employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

There are always going to be those employees who do more than their share. It is important to make sure that these employees are celebrated for their extra efforts.

By celebrating these employees, you are also encouraging your other employees. Encouraging the entire workforce to do their best and stand out in their work ethic.

5. Milestone Awards

If you want to recognize employees, milestone awards are a great way to do this. Any company can decide what types of milestones it wants to award.

You can give out awards to new employees who have worked their way through their work. Or to long-term employees who have begun to move up the corporate ladder.

Many employees may feel as though their milestones go unnoticed. Having these types of awards helps them to feel like they are not celebrating their milestones alone.

6. Team Leader Award

Being a team leader is a difficult job position to have. It is the type of job that only a special kind of person can fill and excel at.

You want to reward your team leaders who are going above and beyond. You should have an award ceremony to celebrate their success with some form of trophy or medal.

7. Teamwork Award

Not only is being a team leader important, but teamwork is also important. As a company, everything you do depends on teamwork and everyone working together to do the job well.

To encourage better teamwork, you can have teamwork awards in place. These awards can go out to the teams that have worked best together to get the job done.

Teamwork is difficult, and it can often go unnoticed by companies. To prevent this from happening, it is important to have employee awards so that your teams feel valued.

8. Employee’s Choice Awards

Many companies choose to have an employee’s choice award program in place. This allows employees to choose who they believe deserves an award.

A reward like this is a great way to encourage teamwork and positive reinforcement. Employees can vote on who they believe has excelled the most that week or month.

A reward like this encourages more teamwork and positive reinforcement. It is a great way to keep employees supportive of each other and engaged in work activities.

9. Most Dependable

A reward such as the most dependable reward is something that any company can use. This type of award focuses on the employee who has been the most reliable.

These employees should be recognized and encouraged for all the hard work that they do. Any kind of award is going to get this message across, whether you choose a crystal award or an acrylic award.

This is a type of reward that you can give out as frequently as you like. It could be a weekly, monthly, or even yearly award that your employees can look forward to.

10. Most Punctual

Punctuality is very important in any company as this helps it to stay efficient. You want to encourage those who are punctual so that they do not feel like their effort has gone unnoticed.

Even something as small as a lapel pin is a great award for this. Especially if you want to encourage your other employees to try to be more punctual.

11. Customer Service Award

Most companies deal with some form of customer service. This is an area that can be quite difficult to manage for a lot of employees.

Employees who have been exceptional in customer service should be awarded. This could be a weekly or a monthly award or something that you celebrate every few months.

Something like this deserves an award ceremony to celebrate those who have excelled. Especially in companies where there is a strong focus on customer service.

12. Top Performer Awards

Any kind of company could benefit from having a top performer award in place. These types of awards help to recognize employees who have done their job to the best of their ability.

These are often given out monthly if you do not have an employee of the month award in place. Employee recognition for your top performers creates an encouraging environment for everyone.

It is very common for employees to feel as though their work is not appreciated. This is a great way to show them that that isn’t true and that the company appreciates their hard work.

13. Retirement Award

It is very common for companies to have an award ceremony for those going into retirement. This is usually dedicated to those employees who have been working for many years.

It is always a great idea to encourage employees by celebrating their milestones. One of these very important milestones is when they move on to retirement.

This is the type of award where you really want to go out and show your appreciation. This could mean choosing a crystal award, acrylic award, or a special trophy.

No matter what type of award you choose, you want to make sure it is special.

14. Moving Up Award

Many companies are designed where employees can move up the corporate ladder. Because of this, having a moving-up award is a great way to celebrate this.

You can use this award program to recognize employees who are moving to different jobs. They may be upgrading to a higher job position within the company from where they started.

You want to practice employee recognition by celebrating this change with them. It helps that employee to feel valued and encourages other employees to move up as well.

15. Positive Feedback Award

One type of award that companies may not have thought of is a positive feedback award. This type of award is used for employees who have received the most positive feedback.

They may have gotten feedback from customers or from other employees. Either way, these are the types of employees that you want to celebrate as a company.

These are stand-out employees who help to make the workplace more enjoyable. Because of this, they deserve a bit of recognition so that they know their effort is valued.

16. Availability Award

It is not uncommon for companies to struggle with employee availability. Employees may get sick and have to call in, or they may be unavailable sometimes.

Because of this, it is a good idea to have an availability award. This type of award can go to the employee who is the most available when it comes to their shift.

They may always show up to their shift like they are supposed to. Or they may be available to take on more work if other employees are unable to come to work.

Companies depend on individuals like these, so they are definitely worth celebrating.

17. Sunshine Award

Just about any kind of company is going to have certain employees that stand out with their attitude. These employees usually have a sunny disposition and create a more enjoyable work environment.

These kinds of employees deserve a pat on the back for spreading positivity and joy. That is why having a sunshine award is a great way to show appreciation.

This type of award should go out to those employees who are always cheerful and kind- the types of employees who encourage a better work environment and better teamwork.

18. Management Award

A common type of corporate award that you will find is a management award. These types of awards are usually given out to those in management positions within the company.

These words are a great way to showcase stand-out management. Management positions are very difficult, and you want to celebrate those who are doing a good job.

This is something that you can also leave up to the decision of your employees. Certain individuals in management positions may go above and beyond and deserve the recognition.

Why Employee Recognition Awards Are Important

If you run a company, you may be wondering why employee recognition is important. It may seem as though this is just a formality that no one really cares about.

The reality is that employee recognition is very important for most people. Many employees struggle with feeling as though they are not valued within a company.

This is especially true if there are a large number of employees working there. It is easy for individuals to fall between the cracks and not receive the recognition that they deserve.

That is why employee awards help to boost morale and keep your employees feeling valued. It also helps to encourage other employees to do their best on the job.

Your employees may see certain people excelling and getting a lot of recognition. This can help to encourage them to also do their best and go above and beyond.

Corporate awards also help to create an environment where everyone feels appreciated. It creates a more positive work environment and allows employees to feel more confident.

Any type of company could benefit from having these types of award programs. You will just want to design them to fit the type of company that you have and the type of jobs your employees do.

Awards for Employee Recognition Ideas

If you want to start having more employee recognition in your company, there are many ideas you can use. There are many employee awards that would be a great fit for any kind of company.

Do you want to get awards for your employee’s achievements? Contact us today at Martin Awards for access to all kinds of corporate awards.

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