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All 50 States in State Shaped Plaques of USA

List of State Plaques

By using this list, you'll be able to find your state plaque easily and quickly!

Looking for a plaque shaped like your state? Or maybe even the United States of America itself?

All 50 States in State Shaped Plaques of USA

Martin Awards sells them for just for you! They can handle the biggest of orders, and personalized every single one you need.

Every state comes with the standard Black and Gold flexibrass plate (which is custom cut to the shape of the state; something you don't find anywhere else!)

Other plate color options are available too.


List of the States of America in State Plaques

Alabama Plaque Alaska Plaque Arizona Plaque Arkansas Plaque California Plaque Colorado Plaque Connecticut Plaque Florida Plaque Georgia Plaque Hawaii Plaque Idaho Plaque Illinois Plaque Indiana Plaque Iowa Plaque Kansas Plaque Kentucky Plaque Louisiana Plaque Maine Plaque Maryland Massachusetts Plaque Michigan Plaque Minnesota Plaque Mississippi Plaque Missouri Plaque Montana Plaque Nebraska Plaque Nevada Plaque New Jersey Plaque New Mexico Plaque New York Plaque North Carolina Plaque North Dakota Plaque Ohio Plaque Oklahoma Plaque Oregon Plaque Pennsylvania Plaque Rhode Island Plaque South Carolina Plaque South Dakota Plaque Tennessee Plaque Texas Plaque Utah Plaque Vermont Virginia Plaque Washington Plaque West Virginia Plaque Wisconsin Plaque And the USA Shaped Plaque
State Plaque Plate Colors from Martin

Plate Colors possible for a State Plaque

Why buy a plaque shaped like a state?

The most obvious reason would be that it's Perfect for state organizations and state champions, and of course Patriotism! They are very unique to the traditional rectangle plaques, and it really captures the eye of passersby'ers in the office or in the hall of fame. It's a great talking point to for you as a company.

Imagine it, your customer walks through your front door and there he/she sees a plaque shaped like your state along with your company logo on it and perhaps the company's mission statement. They won't be able to resist the urge to ask about it!

Plaques shaped like States aren't the highest popular, and that's due to everyone still going for the traditional plaques. If you're looking to buy a unique, out of the ordinary and not mainstream plaque, then a state shape plaque is without a doubt the way to go!

About Martin Awards / Why Choose Us?

Martin Awards has been in the Recognition industry for over 23 years, starting in 1993.

We have the best A+ Rating with BBB since 2003!

We stand behind every single award we send out, offering only the best experience from our company!

A+ Rating with BBB for Martin Awards

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