Quality and Affordable Crystal Awards at Martin

Are you looking for the best method to acknowledge a cherished team member or a customer? Look no further than Martin Awards for quality and affordable crystal awards.

Let’s go ahead and discuss what crystal awards are and what to consider before typing the words, “crystal awards near me.”

What Is a Crystal Award?

Crystal Awards are top-tier awards that artisans hand-etch using a technique called sandblasting. With this method, they can carve dates and the receiver’s name into the crystal award. In this process, the artisans put the glass through an ultraviolet developing procedure. Then, they gently shoot sand at the crystal awards to produce an etched look and feel.

How Are Crystal Awards Made?

Crystal awards are crafted with optical prism glass reflecting brilliant colors under the tiniest light. If you’re asking yourself, “is crystal better than acrylic,” the answer is yes. It’s fancier, and its glass exudes elegance and sophistication because of its simple design. 

What Is a Crystal Award Given For?

Organizations and companies use unique crystal awards to recognize special people, significant milestones, and remarkable achievements. Learning institutions also give out crystal awards to recognize academic accomplishments such as graduations, research grants, and degree completion. 

3 Things To Consider Before Making Crystal Awards Order

Here are three essential things to remember before ordering custom crystal awards engraved.

The Receiver of the Award

Consider who will receive the award before settling on a crystal award design. Is it a team member or a client? What is their personality?

These questions will guide you to find the best design for them. For example, If they are sports enthusiasts, you can pick out a golf ball design for them or opt for a star-themed design if they love astronomy. These small details could go a long way to making their crystal award special.

Key Information 

These are the three elements that we’ll include in the crystal awards. You can have them ready for our team as you place your order:

  • A simple but special message
  • Personal information like their names
  • Reason for the award
  • If you don’t have specific words in mind, our team can create one for you. We’ll draft a few messages and let you choose the one you like the most.

    How Soon Do You Need the Award?

    For delicate events like award ceremonies, it is best practice to have the awards ready a few weeks before the ceremony. Last-minute rushes can be hectic for your business as they may disrupt the normal functioning of daily activities. 

    When you order from Martin Awards, we’ll have your crystal awards ready five days after placing the order. We can deliver in eight business hours if you’re running late and need to beat a deadline. Place a rush order by calling us on 1-800-745-9375.

    How Can I Order Crystal Awards?

    There are three different ways of ordering crystal awards.

    Order from our website. The product catalog on our website has hundreds of designs at your disposal. Add the design you like to the cart and place your order.

    Visit our physical shop. If you live or work in Swainsboro, GA, please stop by our offices to place an order. Our team will walk you through the available designs, and we’ll customize the best crystal awards based on your needs.

    Order via phone. Alternatively, you can call and ask to speak to an award specialist. They’re skilled in the field and will help you place an order via phone.

    Whether you order from our catalog, our shop, or speak with our specialists, we’ll ensure you receive the best customer care and user experience.

    Does  Martin Awards Offer Free Engraving?

    When you order custom crystal awards from us, we’ll engrave them with up to 200 characters for free. After the first 200 characters, there will be an extra charge of $0.20 per character. We also offer free shipping on crystal awards above $99.

    Why Choose Us?

    Martin Awards has provided high-quality crystal awards to American businesses and organizations since 1993. When it comes to team member recognition and retirement awards, our corporate clients come to us. We are now a household name in the awards industry, and for this, we are grateful to our clients. 

    Our artisans will design your crystal awards to the most satisfactory standards with precise attention to detail. When you choose Martin Awards, you can rest assured that quality will be at the heart of every crystal award. Contact us today to place an order and to speak to our award specialists. 

    About Our Awards

    We sell genuine crystal awards that beam with brilliance. Most of our corporate customers have turned to crystal for their employee, retirement and recognition awards. They have reported being very pleased with the high quality look, feel and the very comparable price. They are made of optical prism glass which reflects stunning color with even the smallest of light. Way better than the standard glass and obviously more than acrylic. With its clean and clear appearance, it pops beauty and style. So for your next event, consider a crystal award and see the difference! Below are some suggestions of award styles and events you may wish to recognize.

    Some examples of crystal awards

    1. Globe awards
    2. Golf awards
    3. Star themed awards
    4. Obelisk awards
    5. Flame awards
    6. Tower awards
    7. Crystal trophy awards
    8. Ornament crystals
    9. Eagle Crystal Awards