• 3″ Blue Crystal Globe with Base and Pen

    3" Tall Desk Easel with Globe and Pen

    This beautiful desk easel features a blue globe and a silver pen mounted a clear crystal base.

    Accent any desk with this contemporary style Name plate holder. Globe is permanently mounted.  Pen easily mounts.

    Personalize it with your company logo and name.

    All Premier Crystal comes packaged in a lined gift box.

    Size: 7" x 3" x 3"
    From: $71.20
    SKU: MA0051.
  • 5″ Clear Crystal Star Paperweight Awards

    Self-standing Clear Crystal Star Paperweight Award

    This award makes a great award for star performance or a wonderful desk accessory. It can also be a great promotional item.

    It can stand free or lay flat. Al

    Two of the points are flat on the bottom so it stands by itself.

    From: $72.00
    SKU: MA0118.
  • Channel Acrylic Awards

    These channel acrylic awards are just gorgeous for any occasion! Coming in 8 different styles of color and sizes, you can find one to match your desire!Offering it in two simple sizes
    • 4 3/4" x 6 1/8"
    • 5" x 7 "
    And in four unique colors
    • Blue
    • Clear
    • Gold
    • Red
    You're enjoy this award for your next event! If you have any questions be sure to contact us!
    From: $44.00
  • Clear Tower Acrylic Award

    Behold the Tower Acrylic award introduced as a new award series for acrylics in 2017. As you can see in the photo, the Tower acrylic award stands just a like a standard normal tower would.Features two sizes, 3" x 10" & 3" x 12"Comes in three different colors: Clear, Blue, and Gold.
    From: $84.80
  • Crystal Facet Wave

    Crystal Wave Award

    Free Standing Award in the shape of a Wave.

    Engrave your logo and message in the spacious area provided.

    All Premier Crystal pieces are packaged in lined gift/presentation boxes.

    - The bottom is 3"(L) and 1 1/2" thick.The top is 3 7/8"(L) and 3/4" thick.

    - The facet is on the back of the Crystal Wave.

     Comes in two (2) Sizes:
    • 7"
    • 7-3/4"
    From: $72.00
    SKU: MA0171-MA0172
  • Crystal Pyramid Award

    Solid Pyramid Crystal Award

    This crystal piece makes a great award or paperweight.

    With 4 sides for engraving, this award offers a terrific alternative for recognition.

    ALL Optical Crystal Packed In Deluxe Velour Lined Presentation Box.


     Comes in two (2) Sizes:
    • 2-3/8"
    • 3-1/8"
    From: $34.40
    SKU: MA0190-MA0191
  • Diamond Accent Glass on Black Base

    Diamond Accent Glass Award mounted on Solid Black Base

    This Glass Award is different from others by its unique cut edges.

    MA0285 - has 9/16" Accent Border Edges.

    MA0286 - has 5/8" Accent Border Edges.

    All Crystal & Glass come packaged in a lined gift box.

    This award comes in two (2) sizes:
    • 7-1/2"
    • 9"
    From: $60.00
    SKU: MA0285-MA0286
  • Fan Accent Glass on Black Base

    Fan Shaped Accent Glass with Diamond Cut edges

    Beautifully Diamond cut glass awards mounted on a solid black base.

    This award fans out at the top with a nice area for engraving. Each side is elegantly accented with cut edges.

    All Crystal & Glass come packaged in a lined gift box.

     Comes in two (2) sizes:
    • 8"
    • 9-1/2"
    From: $62.67
    SKU: MA0301-MA0302
  • Flame Accent Glass on Black Base

    Flame Shaped Accent Glass with Cut edges

    Beautifully cut glass awards mounted on a solid black base.

    This award has a flame-shaped top with a nice area for engraving. Each side is elegantly accented with cut edges.

    All Crystal & Glass come packaged in a lined gift box.

     Comes in two (2) sizes:
    • 8″
    • 9-1/2″
    From: $62.67
    SKU: MA0303-MA0304
  • Floating Glass Stand-up Plaques

    Floating Glass Stand-up Plaques

    Unique plaques. Beautiful Wood plaques with floating glass mounted with screws and on clear base.

    Glass has a 1/16" bevel and a green tint.

     Comes in three (3) sizes:
    • 7-3/4"
    • 8-3/4"
    • 10"
    From: $61.34
    SKU: MA0310-MA0312
  • Infinity Double Diamond Acrylic Award with Iron Stand

    Select between six different variations of the Infinity Double Diamond Acrylic which comes with a Black Iron Stand. Laser engrave your logo and accomplishments into the face of the award as pictured.The thickness for these awards is 3/8" ; and the height/width is displayed in the price table below. The more you order, the better price you'll receive!There is an 1/4" beveled edge on the acrylic award which really makes it look great. The acrylic is proudly "Made in the USA!"
    From: $83.60
  • Oval Accent Glass on Black Base

    Oval Shaped Glass with Decorative Cut edges

    Beautiful Oval Award has decorative cut edges mounted on a solid black 2-step base.

    This award has a nice area for engraving. Each side is elegantly accented with decorative cut and beveled edges.

    All Crystal & Glass come packaged in a lined gift box.

     Comes in two (2) sizes:
    • 6-1/4" x 5-3/4"
    • 7-7/8" x 7"
    From: $62.67
    SKU: MA0305-MA0306
  • Pentagon Shaped Crystal Paperweight

    Pentagon-shaped Crystal Paperweight Award

    A great paperweight, desk accessory, and award.

    Stand it up or lay it down.

    One side is flat and the other side has a very slight angle.

    All Premier Crystal comes packaged in a lined gift/presentation box.

     Size: 3" x 3" x 7/8"
    From: $28.00
    SKU: MA0134.
  • Polar Camel 20oz Laser Engraved Personalized Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/Clear Lid

    • 20 oz. Stainless Steel Polar Camel Travel Mug features double-wall vacuum insulation with a clear lid. The mug has a narrower bottom to fit most standard cup holders.
    • You would hardly be able to tell the difference between this Polar Camel cup and other popular Tumbler cups.
    • It is 2X heat & cold resistant compared to a normal travel mug and is BPA and lead-free.
    • Keep your drink cold for over 24 hours! Hot fluids up to 8 hours
    • Now with 15 color selections!
    • Not recommended for dishwashers, hand wash only.
    From: $24.00
    SKU: betteryet20z
  • Premier Art Glass Rectangle Plaque

    Just take a gander at this wonderful premier rectangle art glass plaque with a black metal base to hold it. It has only one (1) size with one (1) design.
    • 14" Overall size (Glass plaque is 7-1/2" x 11-1/2")
    From: $80.00
    SKU: MA0027.
  • Premier Glass Standup Plaques

    Glass Stand-up Award

    Rectangular free-standing glass award sits on a solid curved crystal black base.

    This award has smooth sides, spacious area for engraving and is permanently attached to the base.

    All Crystal & Glass come packaged in a lined gift/ presentation box.

     Comes in three (3) sizes:
    • 5-1/2"
    • 6-1/2"
    • 7"
    From: $57.34
    SKU: MA0307-MA0309
  • Riptide Acrylic laser engraved Awards

    With this Riptide Acrylic award, you get to choose between 2 different sizes (3" x 8"; 3 1/2" x 9"), which also comes in 3 different colors (Gold, Silver, and Blue).The highest point of the peak is on the left side of the award's face. The laser engraving we use will make your company logo or engraving text have a "Frosted" etch look, which really makes this award unique.The top has a wave-like form to the Riptide award, which give it the name of Riptide. I'm sure when you place your hand on top of it that it won't harm you, but still would be great to feel.
    From: $75.20
  • Rosewood Plaque with Acrylic Engraving Plates

    Perpetual Plaque made from Rosewood High Gloss with Acrylic Engraving Plates

    A beautiful alternative to standard perpetual plaques. The acrylic individual plates are truly unique.

    They are reverse engraved and attached with silver screws.

    Individual plates are 7/8" x 2-3/4"

    From: $177.00
    SKU: MA4001.
  • Round Crystal Plate with Crystal Base Stand

    Round Faceted Crystal Plate with Crystal Base Stand/Holder

    Beautiful Crystal Plate is faceted with deep cuts and has a recessed smooth area for engraving.

    The Plate sits on a crystal base with two crystal knobs to secure it.

    Premier Crystal is individually boxed with a crystal base. Crystal Plates are not attached to the base.

    Crystal Plates are 1/2" thick.

    Comes in two (2) sizes:
    • 7-3/4" Round with 3-3/4" personalization area
    • 8-1/2" Round with 4-3/4" personalization area

    From: $56.67
    SKU: MA0063-MA0064
  • Solid Crystal Cup with Wedge Shape and Crystal Handles

    Great Alternative to a traditional Trophy or Loving Cup.

    Engrave straight into the crystal of the cup. This unique cup has a wedge top that forms a flat surface perfect for engraving your message or your company or institution logo.

    It has crystal glass handles and faceted pedestal ring at the base. The base is a wedge-shaped black glass.

    Comes with a silver plate for personalization on the base if desired.

    Trophy cups comes individually packaged in a lined gift/presentation box.

     Comes in three (3) sizes:
    • 6-1/2"
    • 7-3/4"
    • 9"
    From: $70.40
    SKU: MA0065-MA0067
  • Rosewood Piano finish plaque with black brass plate

    Rosewood Piano finish plaque with black brass plate and gold florentine border. Laser engraved.Comes in a variety of sizes:MA4410      7" x 9" MA4411    8" x 10" MA4412    9" x 12" MA4413   11" x 14"
    From: $55.80
    SKU: MA4410-MA4413