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How to Reward and Motivate your top performers?

How to Reward and Motivate your top performers?

Do you remember when you were rewarded for being a top performer? The feeling left you motivated, didn’t it? It made you feel appreciated and encouraged you to keep doing your best.

It’s critical for businesses to reward any employee when they do an excellent job. Unquestionably your high performers.

How do you spot a high performer?

High performerIt can be difficult to spot the difference between a high potential performer, and a high performer. A high potential performer has the talent, knowledge, and experience to turn into a high performer. Did you know both the inventor Thomas Edison and Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein were seen as unteachable in elementary school? That didn’t hold them both back from changing and improving the world we live in. 

Here are five ways to spot and reward your high performers — and to become one:

Top performers are hardworking

They make tasks look simple and easy, but it’s due to their experience and knowledge is applied to get the tasks done! The hardest workers learn to work cleverer and harder. They don’t delay or abuse time by wasting it. They have a passion that drives them to work harder and displays an amazing work ethic. Recognizing them with an award or sales award is a great way to remind them how hardworking they are.

Top performers are responsible

They display values through their responsibility in the workplace. They become a leading example of what a high performer is. They sacrifice at times to work instead of leisure. A high performer feels good when they are productive and accomplishes tasks.  

Top performers are proactive

Finding their own inspiration even when there is none is how a high performer is proactive. They create motivation and drive! Avoiding procrastination or the fear of making a mistake, they lean forward and set goals to reach.

Top performers don’t delay

With due diligence & a strong routine, they complete their tasks quickly, and without delay. Settings goals, and staying productive is what you can expect. Showing interest in their assignments keeps them moving forward.

Top performers are ever learning

Displaying a leadership role, they are thoughtful, logical, and ask the right questions. Digging deeper with knowledge they exhibit an intellectual and rational mindset. They will rise in ranking, and be rewarded with a leadership role one day.

Top performers innovate continually

Finding ways to improve the team, be more productive, and increasing profits for the company are ways they are innovating continually. They feel successful when everyone is succeeding.

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