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Best investment for Businesses are Sales Awards

If you don’t have a sales awards program for your sales representatives, call us today and we’ll set you up with a recurring awards program! We have award specialists standing by waiting to take your call and to discuss the best program for your business that will bring more sales to your company!
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Examples of Sales Awards

Examples of Wording for Sales Awards

When writing your engraving text for the Sales award, answer the “5 W’s” which are
1. Who
2. What
3. Where
4. When
5. Why

Example #1 for Sales Awards

Emily Dean, Sales Rep
Top Seller of the Year Award
Auto Car Sales
Outstanding sales performance from co-workers

Example #2 for Sales Awards

[Company Logo]
Presented to:
Emily Dean, Sales Rep
Top Seller of the Year Award

Example #3 for Sales Awards

[Company Logo]
Top Seller of the Year Award
Presented to:
Emily Dean, Sales Rep
Highest Quantity sales of the year!

Maybe you’re also in need of other people in your company to recognize. Perhaps you have a long-time serving person who has served 30 years with the company and deserves a retirement plaque. Or perhaps a business polar camel tumbler?

Maybe you’re looking for an Employee of the month award to give on a monthly basis to your top achieving employees.

In need of an award in the next 2-3 days? We’ve got your back! Browse our 1-day rush awards and we can ship it out the door within 8 business hours!

Other types of Employee Recognition Ideas

Your Sales Representatives desire Awards because they are the “money makers” in your business!

Sales awards are perhaps the best type of award given to sales representatives in businesses because every business needs to encourage and boost their sales team to push further and achieve higher goals! It could be your usual annual award, or monthly, or even quarterly, just some repetitive award event recognizing your employee’s performance is the best reward to every sales person!

Losing employees

Most businesses just don’t realize how beneficial doing Sales Awards can be to the revenue growth to the company.

It’s a sad fact that 79% of employees don’t feel strongly valued for the work they put in, and this feeling leads to a loss of motivation and productivity, eventually Employee Drop-off!

Big Brands use Martin Awards

Start a Sales Award program today! Call to get started!

If you don’t have a sales awards program for your sales reps, call us today and we’ll set you up with a recurring awards program! We have award specialists standing by waiting to take your call and to discuss the best program for your business that will bring more sales to your company!

Not sure where to even start? Our most popular categories are plaques and corporate awards, and they each offer you a variety of products to choose from and feel out what the mood is for your awards program.

Ready to started with awards program?

Sales Leaders are important!

Your Sales leaders need to be recognized and rewarded for their sales achievements in your business! It will boost their morale, encourage them to achieve growth in their productivity, and overall brings positive ROI. We can help console you in creating the perfect recognition program to fit your needs today! It will ensure you get results and bring a positive change to your company!

Contact Us about your sales awards

Why You Should Give Your Employees Custom Awards

1. Boost Staff and Team Morale

Do you feel like morale is low among staff? Are your teams no longer excited about what they’re doing?

Giving out custom awards is an excellent way to give morale a much-needed boost, especially during difficult times.

2. Give Workers Something to Aim For

If you don’t work in a sales or target-driven environment, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re really aiming to do.

By offering custom awards for specific achievements, you’re setting goals for employees to work towards. These could include measures like, “Most Positive Feedback from Clients,” or, “Best Customer Service Rating.”

3. Show That You Recognize Hard Work

Does your best employee know that he or she is the best?

If not, why not?

Staff won’t know that what they’re doing is right if you don’t tell them, and something more than a quick pat on the back lets the whole team know that you value hard work.

4. Increase Employee Retention

You want to hold onto your best employees, right?

Unfortunately, if they’re not feeling appreciated, staff are likely to start looking for better opportunities elsewhere. One person quitting can easily trigger a spate of resignations, and that means loads of hassle recruiting and training new staff.

5. Offer Tangible Proof of Achievements

How do you feel when someone says, “Hey, great job with that project!”

Pretty good, right?

Now, imagine that you had a physical award recognizing your hard work, something you’d see every single day at work.

6. Improve Job Satisfaction

It’s been shown that most American employees are unhappy at work, which impacts on performance and productivity.

While factors like job security, working environment and relationships with co-workers are key in keeping employees satisfied, rewards also have a big role to play.

Giving out custom awards shows employees that their work really matters, which makes them feel more satisfied and encourages them to keep trying their best.

7. Recognize Individual Strengths

How often does someone take the time to really recognize the individual hard work of every employee in a team?

Sure, someone might say, “Great job, guys,” or, “Nice work with that,” every now and then, but what about genuine, individual compliments?

Awards which come with custom messages like, “Thanks for your excellent work increasing our marketing outcomes by 77%” show that you truly recognize and value the efforts of every single employee.

Instead of having a generic ‘Employee of the Month’ award, why not try offering recognition for, “Most Helpful Employee,” “Best Customer Service Advisor,” and “Most Likely to Go Above and Beyond.”

Why Give Custom Awards at Work?

Custom awards are an excellent way to recognize individual strengths and achievements and boost employee morale.

In turn, you’ll see better employee retention, more hard work, and better job satisfaction scores. The cost of purchasing awards will easily be balanced by the benefits you’ll see across your business.

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